Friday, 13 February 2015

Nair Easy Wax Microwave//Review

Hello lovelies!

So recently I decided to give at home hot waxing a go and I have to say that it didn't exactly turn out great... I have often used cold wax strips or an epilator so I have some idea of what I am doing. I also used to religiously get waxed at my local beauty salon, but moving to Uni made that difficult as I am that person who only likes going to that one place they know does things well. I'm exactly the same with hairdressers!

After a bit of online research (granted it maybe wasn't very in depth) I settled on 'Nair's Easy Wax Microwave for legs and body'. This is a hot wax pot that doesn't require the use of wax strips as the wax sets and becomes the strip itself.

Having read the instructions throughly, heated the wax and prepared myself to inevitably burn my legs, I applied the first strip. Now I have waxed or epilated for a long time now so I know exactly what to expect pain wise. Surprisingly it was painless, but on closer inspection I realised that this was due to the fact that it wasn't actually removing any hair from my leg. Brilliant. This may have been down to my technique or the wax itself but either way I was left feeling very unimpressed and frustrated. I also found the wax hard to work with as it was very stringy and dried to a very solid, brittle form. Meaning that it more often than not snapped instead of coming off in a whole strip...

So in the end I had to go out and buy cold strips anyway, bit of a waste of time really! What have been your experiences with home waxing? Is there any products that you would reccommend?

Maisie xx

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