Thursday, 19 June 2014

Spending Imaginary Money.

Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

This afternoon I may have given my bank account a little bit of a battering... oops. I went out for lunch with my Dad then made the mistake of letting myself go into Boots, although I really did need some of the things I bought today. I should not however have let myself browse, browsing is honestly the worst thing I can do. But anyway I did pick up some lovely bits and heres what I got:

Okay so I know its an odd collection of items and in all honestly I only really needed two of them but I'm terrible. So I did actually need the Dove Style+Care heat protectant spray and the Witch Stick (my holy grail in skincare) and the rest was just because really. Im aware the Tisserand Lavender Wheat Bag is a bit odd but as a dancer I always have aches and pains. Currently my right shoulder is not happy so I thought that this would alleviate the pain a little (it has, I'm sitting with it draped over me right now), plus it was reduced to £3. I picked up the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder as my Mac Studio Fix powder has hit pan and I wanted a transparent powder to finish my foundation. This powder was actually the first ever powder I bought when I first started wearing makeup at about 14, and at £3.99 it was a little more affordable. 

I also picked up these two lipsticks that I have been after for a while, they are the L'oreal Collection Privee in Julianne and Eva. They are beautiful and priced at £8.19 each, I couldn't resist. In terms of colour, Eva's Nude is more of a peachy pink colour whilst Julianne's Nude is a more of a raspberry pink (I've got swatches below).

Back in April I was lucky enough to be given gift cards for Debenhams for my 20th Birthday. So I popped in today and picked up the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the colour Sin for £13.33 (it was on sale). It's a gorgeous champagne colour, and I'm super excited to try it out soon with my Naked Basics palette that I picked up a couple weeks ago and have been living in it ever since.

(L-R) Sin Primer Potion, Eva's Nude & Julianne's Nude.

What have you picked up recently?

Maisie xx

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