Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bunty Birthday Treats.

Good Morning Lovelies!

So on Wednesday I finally turned 20 and I was lucky enough to receive some really lovely presents. These included a Lush gift set called 'Bunty', and I got 2! One from my boyfriend and the other from my wonderful workmate :) I was offered the choice to change one but because it has some of my favourite things in there I wasn't fussed.

The Bunty set inlcuded a full size Space Girl (that I used last night and it was lush! No pun intended...) and Think Pink, along with a small Comforter - my personal favourite and a Creamy Candy bubble bar. The whole set smells incredible and I cant wait to have loads and loads of baths and use it all! I also love the way Lush present their products and label each one with who packed or made the products. I have to say I do enjoy knowing where and who made the products that I use :)

Maisie xx

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