Thursday, 24 April 2014

Amie Vegan Skincare.

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So today I thought that I would share some of my new skincare because (yet again) I have recently switched to a new range. Amie is a vegan skincare range that is free from parabens (this makes my mother happy), sulphates, mineral oils or animal extracts. It is also ph balanced, suitable for sensitive skin, vegetarians and vegans. I had previously used the face wash from this brand years ago but decided to properly invest this time around. I picked up four of the products from the Amie range from my local Waitrose, unfortunately you can only get it from here or john lewis on the high street.

  1. RADIANT DAWN Exfoliating Daily Wash: 'Deep cleanses pores & exfoliates for clear and radiant skin'. This exfoliator is lovely! It's so gentle on my skin but still makes it baby soft and feeling cleansed. As it is so mild I can use it everyday without feeling any irritation or my skin feeling stripped and dry. The green apple, lemon, blueberry seed and vitamin E bursting beads mean that the exfoliator doesn't have a horrid chemically smell so I feel more than comfortable using it to my hearts content. Since starting using it just over a week ago, my skin is feeling unclogged and lovely. I have also noticed that it has reduced the look of my horrid blackheads (my t-zone is terrible!) which is a MASSIVE bonus for me because I have been battling with them for years.
  2. MORNING CLEAR Purifying Facial Wash: 'For really clean skin that feels soft & smooth'. I love this face wash. It is so thick, creamy and gentle on my skin, but like the exfoliator makes my skin feel super clean. It contains raspberry and although it has a delicate fragrance, smells incredible. There is nothing worse in my eyes than a face wash or scrub that smells really chemically as it makes me wonder what it contains to make it smell so harsh and if it smells that strong, what on earth is it doing to my skin?! With this face wash I definitely don't have that problem and love how it cleanses but ensures that my skin doesn't dry out.
  3. MORNING DEW Matte-Finish Moisturiser: 'For the softest, dewiest shine-free skin'. At first I have to say that I was not completely convinced with this moisturiser as I found that it made my skin feel tight and a little uncomfortable. I have always been an avid user of Clean & Clear's Dual Action Moisturiser and have never found anything that matches up to it so I was a little disappointed with Amie's attempt. However after persevering, I noticed that I wasn't distributing the product probably and that is what may have led me to feeling that way. Having been using it for a little longer I have changed my mind about it, it's not my favourite but I do love how it works with the other products and it has a lovely almost milky consistency.
  4. SPRING CLEAN Deep Cleansing Mask: 'Purifies pores, combats oiliness & blemishes for clearer skin'. This is by far my favourite of the four products and it is honestly AMAZING. Having already used it a couples times already in the past week (you're only meant to use it weekly but oh well) I have noticed how much clearer my skin has been. As it is a clay mask, I can almost feel it sucking all the rubbish out of my pores! You only need to use a small amount for a thin face mask, which I find much better than slapping on a large amount because it never dries and it makes my skin feel tight! When it's on and even after I have washed it off I can feel my skin tingling from the peppermint and how clean it has made my skin feel. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I would recommend the whole set but if you're not completely sure at least try the mask first and I promise you wont be disappointed! 

You should definitely check out Amie's products and you can do so here:

Maisie xx

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