Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lush Haul & Skincare // Review

Evening wonderful people!

Well aren't you lucky, a double post form me today! I've been meaning to do this one for a while now and thought I had better do it before I forget again, so I do apologise for bombarding you all!

So recently I've been having trouble with my skin, I've just started back on my dance course and a new job in a restaurant, obviously it's going to take it's toll. I've aways had a problem with my t-zone being oily and prone to blackheads and never really been able to shift them (gross I know, I'm sorry). Having tried every brand under the sun and all the different new fangled products I can find, I've finally decided to give Lush a try.

First up I have to say that the lovely woman who served me in Lush Leicester was wonderful! I told her exactly what was going on with my face, and she sat down with me to explain the products that she would recommend, then let me try them out before I took the plunge and bought them! This was wonderful as in many shops the assistants can be stand offish and simply upsell the most expensive or new products that they have in, instead of taking the time to find something that would be good for you.

Anyway here's what I bought:

So first up I purchased Fresh Farmacy, a facial soap that contains calamine lotion which is amazing as it means it is very gentle on the skin. I have to say that since using this I have found that my skin has been a lot healthier. Not only has it dried up the excess oils in my skin, but it has also reduced the time any breakouts (which have been very often recently) may last. At around £5.00 for a 100g block it is definitely worth it as it will last for so long! The woman in the shop cut my block in half and wrapped them individually for me, which I definitely would ask them to do again! This will mean that the product will last even longer as you will always have one stored away. Also like any soap it does go a little bit balmy and soft so I would definitely recommend this as you don't want the whole block to do this, as it may get used up quicker! 

Let the Good Times Roll is a gentle cleansing scrub that honestly smells AMAZING, and makes my skin feel so smooth and wonderful. As most of the scrubs I have used have either been too harsh on my skin or done absolutely nothing at all, I am over the moon about this. In just a week it has reduced the appearance of blackheads and made my skin look that little bit more alive in the morning! Although it is little pricey at around £6.35 for 100g, it is definitely something that I will keep purchasing simply because I'm so in love with it. Despite the price, you only need a small amount and you don't have to use it every morning (I just choose to as it's what keeps my skin under control) so it will definitely last a long time, hopefully longer than previous products I've used in the past.

Also while I was in there I thought I would pick up a couple of products that I have had my eye on for a very long time!

It seems that anyone who has instagram or any kind of interest in beauty products has heard of Lush's lip scrubs, and are raving about them - the bubblegum one especially! So I took the plunge and bought some and I'm so glad I did! I have a feeling that it is going to be one of my most used products during the colder months to keep my lips nice and smooth, plus it smells and tastes amazing!

And after missing out on it last year I've FINALLY got my hands on a bottle of the limited edition Snow Fairy (I made sure I bought the biggest bottle too) it smells gorgeous and leaves my skin soft and wonderful! It contains a lovely lilac iridescent glitter as well just to make it that little bit more irresistible!

Overall, I have to say that I've now fallen even more in love with Lush and their products. No longer will I just stick to their bath bombs or bubble bars (although they are my absolute favourite) but will be branching out to trying more of their skin care and maybe makeup products in the future!

What are you favourite Lush products?

Maisie xx


  1. Is the bubblegum lip scrub worth it ?! my lips are horrible at the moment x

    1. Yes definitely! :) and its so yummy! xx