Monday, 26 August 2013

Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer.

For a while now, I have been looking for a primer that is reasonably priced and does not make my face feel clogged and heavy. Previously I have been using Rimmel Fix and Protect Pro Primer which is extremely good at keeping my makeup in place and helps my face stay in place.

The primer itself spreads very easily and gives a good coverage, however the only downside is that it is quite a heavy primer and sits on the skin before absorbing. Although it does keep my skin soft and give me a nice finish, I do find that it allows my face become shiny throughout the day meaning that I have to apply another layer of powder...

As a result of this I thought it was time to look for a different primer and came across Nivea's Daily Essentials Hydration Primer. Now this primer claims to absorb instantly, meaning that you can apply your makeup straight away, perfect! 

After swapping to this primer, I have noticed that my face does not become shiny by the end of the day and that my face and make up still feels just as fresh as it did when I first applied it! As it is a moisturiser as well, I find that I no longer have to use both a moisturiser and a primer. I have also found that I can wear this primer with just a powder over the top instead of having to apply a foundation as well. As I have a dance class everyday at Uni, I find that its pointless wearing a full base of make up as its all run off by the end of the two hours anyway (gross I know, I apologise!) so being able to just wear this and still feel fresh faced and hydrated is brilliant! 

The product itself is very light and spreads well so only a tiny amount is needed, which is great as it means that it will last for a long time. Seeing as I picked this primer up for around £5, I think that it is brilliant value for money as it is a decent sized pot and should last for a good amount of time! As it is a pot I can scrape every tiny bit out! Tubes or pump bottles annoy me as I find that half the product is still in there but you can't get it...

Overall I would definitely choose the Nivea over the Rimmel primer just because it makes my skin feel a lot less thick and 'made up'. This might just be my skin though as I do find that it can become quite clogged if I wear too much product on my face. The Rimmel primer would probably be better for me to wear on nights out etc as it is a good product for short term wear, but it would not be something I would choose to wear everyday!

Have you ever used either of these products? If so what were your opinions? Whats your favourite primer to wear? :)

Maisie xx

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