Saturday, 24 August 2013

Eye Eye!

So recently I have taken more of an interest in the products that I'm putting on my face. Expanding my horizons from the basic concealer, foundation, powder, mascara and occasional eyeliner ensemble which is my go to makeup and experimenting more with makeup to enhance my features etc.

Normally to wear more than four products I would either be in a dance show, which includes a VAST amount of glitter and blue eyeshadow (it's the same every year, apparently blue shows up better under stage lights?) or going out with the girls or work friends, in this case I may submit to some bronzer and lipstick ;) I'm not a complete novice when it comes to cosmetics, but I'm also no makeup artist and it's only been in recent months that I have discovered the joys of the eyebrow pencil. Gone are my shaped but sparse brows, as they have been replaced with brows that actually match my hair colour and stop me looking like I have a never ending forehead...

However one product that I have always steered well clear of (dance shows aside) is eyeshadow. I always saw it as the product of my youth, when I thought it was fashionable to smear my lids in pale purple shadow which quite frankly made me look like I had been punched in both eyes. But recently I have discovered the Sleek i- Divine eye shadow palette in Oh So Special 658, which contains in my opinion, a lovely balance of both matte/shimmer and nude/dramatic shadows. This palette has provided me with the essentials to create a simple eye for daytime wear and a more smokey eye for nighttime wear. So the experimentation begins...

Above are my new favourite essentials! (excuse the terrible lighting, iPhone cameras aren't incredible)

Sleek i - Divine palette - Oh So Special
Technic - High Lights
Browzings - Light
Rimmel - Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara
No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil - Black
Real Techniques Shading Brush

After reading up on some tutorials on how to do a classic smokey eye I managed to create something that looks a little like this...

I have to say I am quite impressed with myself! As I have managed to convert myself to being able to wear eyeshadow, without feeling odd about it and picturing myself as about 8 years old. I think that this is quite a simple yet effective look and the colours have blended so well (THANK YOU Real Techniques) that it looks almost like a nude eye, yet the slight hint of colour manages to make my eyes look awake (unfortunately it's not entirely visible in this photo). The colours I used were called Bow and The Mail which are quite muted nude colours, along with Organza which is a shimmery pinky gold colour, I hope to do some swatches in the future. I mixed these with a little bit of High Lights to add a nice sheen and dewy finish.

I am also so happy with this No7 eyeliner! As I can finally wear liner on my lower lash line without it bleeding down my face and making me look like some black teared maniac, so thank you Boots for creating such a wonderful eyeliner! Along with this I have to say that Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara is wonderful... I was a bit dubious before purchase as it claimed to create 'A Wide-Eyed False Lash Look' which worried me as I naturally quite long lashes and I didn't want it to make them too thick and clumpy but it didn't and it's now my favourite mascara I currently own!

Anyway enough rambling for now! I hope that you've enjoyed reading my babble!

Maisie xx

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