Friday, 23 August 2013

Edwardian Living.

So recently myself and my lovely other half Stephen have decided to move permanently to Leicester. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm currently studying here for the next couple of years whilst I finish at university. But somehow I have managed to convince him that he wants to live with me and we know are renting a cosy little flat in an old Edwardian building, complete with the high ceilings, large rooms and beautiful fire places!

Having only been here a few weeks now, it's surprisingly starting to feel like home now, and I look forward to snuggling up here every night. This is the place that we now call home and its everything I could want in a first home. Seeing as Uni Halls for me was horrid (mainly due to the unfortunate group of housemates! Bar a couple as they were lovely! and the constant lack of sleep!), it is definitely a MASSIVE improvement! 

There are still a few finishing touches that we need to complete it but here is the work in progress!

This is the bedroom, complete with a big lovely fireplace. Complete with Minnie and Mickey mouse of course :)

I think it's pretty self explanatory that this is my side of the bedroom! Featuring a sample of the ridiculous amounts of moisturiser and detangling sprays that I own. What is it with being female and never being satisfied with just having one product, we always seem to need to own multiple of everything, or is that just me?

Next up is the living room (unfortunately I couldn't be bothered to get photos of the little kitchen but this is far more interesting to look at!)

Little montage of the living room for you! Featuring my favourite Alice in Wonderland prints I got from an exhibition last year at the Tate Liverpool :)
Alice is my all time favourite character, I honestly wish I could be her sometimes...

But there you go! Welcome to our home :)

Maisie xx


  1. hey maisie its maddy! loving your blog so far, hope you keep it up! your new place looks so cute! xx

  2. Heya Maddy! :) awh thank you I'm going to try to this time! when is it you're in England? xx

    1. Well if you want to head Leicester way you're more than welcome to stay with us :)