Friday, 30 August 2013

Mini Haul.

Good evening lovelies!

This afternoon my boyfriend and myself ended up going into the city to return a dvd (boring I know) and of course I ended up buying a few little bits and pieces for myself...

First up I'm planning on a pamper evening tonight after being inspired by the lovely Zoella's video "My Pamper Evening Essentials" and as I start my training for my new job tomorrow (Yikes!)  I thought it would just be the perfect thing :) So I popped into Lush and picked up one of my favourite bath bombs - Ickle Baby Bot.

Now I love this, even though it is meant for babies, because I find that it really helps me unwind and relax. I also find that I have a crazily good sleep after using it bonus!

Next I popped into body care and finally picked up some Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax. After hearing so much about it and always being after products that will nourish my hair, I thought that at 99p it would definitely be worth it!

Then MAC happened... I popped in just to browse but ended up treating myself to the Pigment in Vanilla. Its such a gorgeous neutral colour and I'm really looking forward to using it :)

To top it all off my boyfriend told me I could pick something off my wishlist (it's a very long list) and he would treat me! So being the lovely boy that he is he picked me up the MAC 217 Blending brush! 

As I am currently trying to expand and build my current brush collection which consists of about 5 brushes (awful I know!) this was the perfect addition and I am looking forward to expanding it further and getting my hands on the other brushes on my list!

What have you bought recently? Do you have any brush recommendations?

Maisie xx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Under the Sea!

Seeing as I'm stuck in the flat today as Stephen is at work, I thought that it was high time I gave my nails a little bit of TLC. As I received a Ciate paint pot in Island Hopping from Glossybox, I thought I had better give it a try :)

I painted my right hand just in Island Hopping but with my left hand, I used a No7 in Poolside Blue and used this colour for decoration.

Not my best attempt at painting my nails, I forgot to clean the sides up before I uploaded oops! But I love this colour combination and I feel a little bit like the Little Mermaid! To be honest it worked a lot better on my toes as the pattern is a lot clearer, as I had a lot steadier hand :) (excuse the remnants of fake tan left over from the weekend). Over all I think that the Ciate paint pot is a lovely colour, and a great quality nail varnish that I will definitely be using again and again!

Maisie xx


Good Afternoon lovely people :)

This morning I was woken up by the flat buzzer and a very impatient postman, so after stumbling down the stairs in my pyjamas and my hair all over the place I was handed my Glossybox order! As this was my first order from them I was very excited to see what it was all about!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered the Pearl Lowe for GB and the Seaside Splash boxes as a part of their summer sale! On first opening the boxes I was extremely pleased with the bright and colourful packaging and gorgeous patterns! (Which I definitely will be keeping for some kind of storage!)

So these are the products I received in the Pearl Lowe box!

Richard Ward Couture Hair - Optimiser Style Reviver
Nip + Fab - Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Mango Smoothie
Etre Belle - Collagen and Aloe Vera Hydro Mask
Yves Rocher France - Nutritive Vegetal - 24hr Comfort Nourishing Cream
Sunsense - Daily Face SPF

I have to say I am most looking forward to using the mango smoothie body butter! I absolutely adore fruity smelling products and can't wait to test it out!

And here are the products that I received in the Summer Splash box!

Alterna haircare - Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
Inecto Pure Coconut - Refreshing Dry Shampoo
Ciate London Paint Pot - PP098 Island Hopping
 Coola Oranganic Skincare Collection - Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented
Ila Spa - Face Oil for Glowing Radiance

Out of the two boxes I definitely think that this is my favourite! I am absolutely in love with the paint pot and can't wait to try it out! Also dry shampoo is an absolute life saver and this coconut one smells so much nicer than the others that I have used! After washing my hair I tested out the bamboo texture mist and have left it to dry naturally, the spray has left me with the perfect beach wave and I love it!

So that was my morning and first ever Glossybox experience! I definitely think I will be buying a subscription when I get paid! Do any of you have a subscription? What are your favourite products you have recieved? :)

Maisie xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer.

For a while now, I have been looking for a primer that is reasonably priced and does not make my face feel clogged and heavy. Previously I have been using Rimmel Fix and Protect Pro Primer which is extremely good at keeping my makeup in place and helps my face stay in place.

The primer itself spreads very easily and gives a good coverage, however the only downside is that it is quite a heavy primer and sits on the skin before absorbing. Although it does keep my skin soft and give me a nice finish, I do find that it allows my face become shiny throughout the day meaning that I have to apply another layer of powder...

As a result of this I thought it was time to look for a different primer and came across Nivea's Daily Essentials Hydration Primer. Now this primer claims to absorb instantly, meaning that you can apply your makeup straight away, perfect! 

After swapping to this primer, I have noticed that my face does not become shiny by the end of the day and that my face and make up still feels just as fresh as it did when I first applied it! As it is a moisturiser as well, I find that I no longer have to use both a moisturiser and a primer. I have also found that I can wear this primer with just a powder over the top instead of having to apply a foundation as well. As I have a dance class everyday at Uni, I find that its pointless wearing a full base of make up as its all run off by the end of the two hours anyway (gross I know, I apologise!) so being able to just wear this and still feel fresh faced and hydrated is brilliant! 

The product itself is very light and spreads well so only a tiny amount is needed, which is great as it means that it will last for a long time. Seeing as I picked this primer up for around £5, I think that it is brilliant value for money as it is a decent sized pot and should last for a good amount of time! As it is a pot I can scrape every tiny bit out! Tubes or pump bottles annoy me as I find that half the product is still in there but you can't get it...

Overall I would definitely choose the Nivea over the Rimmel primer just because it makes my skin feel a lot less thick and 'made up'. This might just be my skin though as I do find that it can become quite clogged if I wear too much product on my face. The Rimmel primer would probably be better for me to wear on nights out etc as it is a good product for short term wear, but it would not be something I would choose to wear everyday!

Have you ever used either of these products? If so what were your opinions? Whats your favourite primer to wear? :)

Maisie xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Having heard all about these from various blogs and instagram, I thought that it was about time I tried it out for myself! So this morning I created an account and found out what it was all about. The subscriptions are quite cheap but being a student I didn't want to commit myself to a subscription, and find out that I didn't like it as much as I had hoped. 

However this brilliant deal caught my eye! Glossybox are currently offering their Pearl Lowe for GB box and Seaside Splash box for £12 (plus p&p, but it still only came to just under £15!) This offer seemed too good to miss out on so I quickly ordered myself one!

Hopefully they should be arriving soon and I can't wait to try out and review the products that are inside! Have you ever ordered from Glossybox? If so what are your experiences and what products did you receive?

 Maisie xx

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Eye Eye!

So recently I have taken more of an interest in the products that I'm putting on my face. Expanding my horizons from the basic concealer, foundation, powder, mascara and occasional eyeliner ensemble which is my go to makeup and experimenting more with makeup to enhance my features etc.

Normally to wear more than four products I would either be in a dance show, which includes a VAST amount of glitter and blue eyeshadow (it's the same every year, apparently blue shows up better under stage lights?) or going out with the girls or work friends, in this case I may submit to some bronzer and lipstick ;) I'm not a complete novice when it comes to cosmetics, but I'm also no makeup artist and it's only been in recent months that I have discovered the joys of the eyebrow pencil. Gone are my shaped but sparse brows, as they have been replaced with brows that actually match my hair colour and stop me looking like I have a never ending forehead...

However one product that I have always steered well clear of (dance shows aside) is eyeshadow. I always saw it as the product of my youth, when I thought it was fashionable to smear my lids in pale purple shadow which quite frankly made me look like I had been punched in both eyes. But recently I have discovered the Sleek i- Divine eye shadow palette in Oh So Special 658, which contains in my opinion, a lovely balance of both matte/shimmer and nude/dramatic shadows. This palette has provided me with the essentials to create a simple eye for daytime wear and a more smokey eye for nighttime wear. So the experimentation begins...

Above are my new favourite essentials! (excuse the terrible lighting, iPhone cameras aren't incredible)

Sleek i - Divine palette - Oh So Special
Technic - High Lights
Browzings - Light
Rimmel - Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara
No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil - Black
Real Techniques Shading Brush

After reading up on some tutorials on how to do a classic smokey eye I managed to create something that looks a little like this...

I have to say I am quite impressed with myself! As I have managed to convert myself to being able to wear eyeshadow, without feeling odd about it and picturing myself as about 8 years old. I think that this is quite a simple yet effective look and the colours have blended so well (THANK YOU Real Techniques) that it looks almost like a nude eye, yet the slight hint of colour manages to make my eyes look awake (unfortunately it's not entirely visible in this photo). The colours I used were called Bow and The Mail which are quite muted nude colours, along with Organza which is a shimmery pinky gold colour, I hope to do some swatches in the future. I mixed these with a little bit of High Lights to add a nice sheen and dewy finish.

I am also so happy with this No7 eyeliner! As I can finally wear liner on my lower lash line without it bleeding down my face and making me look like some black teared maniac, so thank you Boots for creating such a wonderful eyeliner! Along with this I have to say that Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara is wonderful... I was a bit dubious before purchase as it claimed to create 'A Wide-Eyed False Lash Look' which worried me as I naturally quite long lashes and I didn't want it to make them too thick and clumpy but it didn't and it's now my favourite mascara I currently own!

Anyway enough rambling for now! I hope that you've enjoyed reading my babble!

Maisie xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Edwardian Living.

So recently myself and my lovely other half Stephen have decided to move permanently to Leicester. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm currently studying here for the next couple of years whilst I finish at university. But somehow I have managed to convince him that he wants to live with me and we know are renting a cosy little flat in an old Edwardian building, complete with the high ceilings, large rooms and beautiful fire places!

Having only been here a few weeks now, it's surprisingly starting to feel like home now, and I look forward to snuggling up here every night. This is the place that we now call home and its everything I could want in a first home. Seeing as Uni Halls for me was horrid (mainly due to the unfortunate group of housemates! Bar a couple as they were lovely! and the constant lack of sleep!), it is definitely a MASSIVE improvement! 

There are still a few finishing touches that we need to complete it but here is the work in progress!

This is the bedroom, complete with a big lovely fireplace. Complete with Minnie and Mickey mouse of course :)

I think it's pretty self explanatory that this is my side of the bedroom! Featuring a sample of the ridiculous amounts of moisturiser and detangling sprays that I own. What is it with being female and never being satisfied with just having one product, we always seem to need to own multiple of everything, or is that just me?

Next up is the living room (unfortunately I couldn't be bothered to get photos of the little kitchen but this is far more interesting to look at!)

Little montage of the living room for you! Featuring my favourite Alice in Wonderland prints I got from an exhibition last year at the Tate Liverpool :)
Alice is my all time favourite character, I honestly wish I could be her sometimes...

But there you go! Welcome to our home :)

Maisie xx

Brief Introduction.

After debating whether or not to start up a blog I have finally caved and decided to go ahead. I don't think that it will have any fixed theme, but be a mash up of all the things that interest me.
I guess this all began because I love writing, but always find that I'm particularly pants at writing about myself (hence this feeble attempt!) But I enjoy documenting my life in photos etc so I felt this was the natural progression!

I'm going to try and post at least once or twice and week possibly more... about my recent purchases, favourite products and the things that inspire me most. 
I guess we will see how it goes from here then! 

Hope you enjoy a silly and fleeting insight into my existence :)

Maisie xx